About NC Paint Contractors

At NC Paint Contractors, we understand the importance of project management and customer service. We follow set values and professional guidelines that set us apart. We believe in providing professional painting services that will set us apart from just a basic paint company. We started NC Paint Contractors as a cleaning company called Clean World Solutions. Combined with Wes & Lanisha’s wiliness to help people in offering one-stop shop service and through understanding the need in the marketplace for skilled, honest, reliable painters, NC Paint Contractors was formed merging from the initial sister company Clean World Solutions. Both companies are family owned and operated, by the couple who have been married since November 2013 and residence in the triad with their dog Bennie.

NC Paint Contractors, Greensboro and Burlington NC

NC Paint Contractors provides painting services throughout North Carolina. We are located in Greensboro and Burlington NC and we serve the Triad and Triangle areas of North Carolina more frequently. We are a premier paint company in the Greensboro and Burlington areas and we offer commercial painting, residential paint services, interior and exterior painting services.

NC Paint Contractors will provide quality professional services that truly add investment value back into your home or business.  

Our Mission Statement

  • We strive to provide our customers with exceptional painting services, timely service and, we are committed to always providing a professional work environment.
  • We will provide painting service that exceeds our customer expectations as well as the tenants and residents.
  • We will provide a professional and friendly staff.
  • We will always do our best to maintain high safety standards on each and every job.
  • We strive, to be honest, and maintain the utmost values as your professional paint company.